Dare to be different

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56.2822° N, 12.5021° E

Mölle, south-west coast of Sweden.


At the spear of where the North Sea and the Baltic Sea meet, lies Kullaberg. Atop the cliffside, raised in 1561, stands the lighthouse. An everlasting beacon on the highest peak, it has guided seafarers home for almost five hundred years. 


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945Nm (696ft-lb)



compared to a modern

gasoline outboard


compared to a modern

gasoline outboard


when using HVO100

OXE300 is the latest outboard in the OXE Diesel series. Born from a demand for even more power, torque and range, the OXE300 does not compromise on either reliability or control. 

With a bi-turbo diesel engine from BMW, 680Nm of crankshaft torque is provided already at 1750rmp. Already at 1000rpm, the engine provides over 500Nm at the crankshaft. At the propeller shaft, the torque numbers translate to 945Nm (696ft-lb). This means that you, at your fingertips, have not only massive bollard pull power, but also fast hole shot acceleration.

OXE Diesel outboards are built for demanding users, for those who require high durability and serviceability, while also providing maximal range and massive torque.

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Discover the OXE300


The OXE300 provides you with 945Nm (696ft-lb) of torque at the propeller shaft, as well as 300 horsepower. This means you don't only have a worktool with massive bollard pulling power, but a high-speed unit with fast hole shot acceleration.


The reliable bi-turbo diesel engine of the OXE300 provides you with up to 87% increased range, while significantly reducing environmental impact. Crash-stop capability ensures your safety in every situation.


The OXE Diesel is designed to be dependable in critical situations and comes with Quick-Shift-Capability (QSC) and Low-Speed-Control (LSC) features to make sure you have total control in critical situations, even below 4 knots.

You were made with different eyes.

Eyes which looked not to the horizon but to what lay beyond

As thousands did before, but did not dare, they could not see and the answer was there but never captured.



Until you came.



A rupture which shook the ground, black as the night you became. Became the watcher among the seas, power tamed into submission for those who need you. The ocean became your resistance, but you, you relentless making of man, you persevere.


The water rises and as it does you revel.  You rejoice. For the sky, for the wind, for the waves. For all you endure.

For you are reliability.

You are power.

You are control.

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Dare to be different